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11 Days until the Preppiest Day of the Year

Ladies and Gentlemen,

T-Minus 11 days (264 hours) and 30 minutes until some of the world’s greatest horses and jockeys come to Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky to start off the first leg of the US Triple Crown.

Its an event for many to dress up, drink Mint Juleps, and have a party. 

So Ladies, pull out your sun hats, Lilly Pulitzer Dresses, and Jack Rogers on May 4th. (With 3 sisters, you learn the preppy female labels…)

Gentlemen, lets pull out the seersucker blazer, pastel pants, and the brightest tie you own.


My thoughts as a Bostonian.

Idk if this sounds annoying or anything but i think its time the media drops the talk about the explosions and the life of the terrorists who took part in this attack on my city. 

Its been over a week since our country was attacked and 4 days since those responsible were arrested or killed. Boston needs to move on from this horrific attack and we need everyone supporting us.

Instead of showing the images of the death, destruction, and injury at the marathon, the media needs to start showing images of the prayer groups, memorials, and the city and world coming together to mourn. 

We are One City. One Nation. One World.

Instead of the media making these terrorists seem like normal, well-rounded people, the media should be focusing on victims’ recovery and the tough road ahead of them.

The organization One Fund Boston has raised $20 million dollars and it is still growing. People from all over the world are giving what they can to help the 180+ victims, hundreds of first responders and volunteers, and families of the deceased. Thats what should be reported. 

I heard a quote the other day that almost brought me to tears.

"Without the dark, the light won’t show."

I really thought that was a great quote after what has occurred.

First responders, bystanders, and people who had no relation to the Boston Marathon came together and reacted. Whether it was making tourniquets out of a belt, bringing people to safety, helping find those responsible or donating what they could to One Fund Boston. People did what they felt was right and necessary.

We are now a stronger city, nation, and world.